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The Professional and Education Committee (PEC) of ISTM has recently expanded on the very popular "Expert Opinion" educational vignette initiative adding Post Travel Cases. We will continue to present new scenarios for ISTM members to access as special member benefits.

These cases presents a pre- or post-travel quandary that is answered by an invited ISTM member. The international membership includes varied clinical approaches, and the cases provide opinions and discussions. They should not be taken as a directive for all patients or cases. The PEC encourages ISTM members to discuss additional aspects relating to any of these cases and scenarios on the TravelMed Listserv.



  • Case 1 (Poh Lian Lim, Singapore) — Advice on Dengue fever for an American student going to live two years in Asia


  • Case 2 (Christopher van Tilburg, United States of America) — Advice to adolescent traveler for sports competition at high altitude
  • Case 1 (Martin Haditsch, Leonding, Austria and Hannover, Germany) — TBE Advice for Honeymooners travelling to southern Austria, Switzerland and Germany


  • Case 1 (Pierre van Damme, Belgium) — Hepatitis A and B advice for a student travelling to India
  • Case 2 (Dale Carroll, USA) — YF vaccination for a pregnant woman traveling to Ivory Coast
  • Case 3 (Stephen Toovey, South Africa) — Malaria risk of a Swiss Traveler to Hong Kong, Thailand and India


  • Case 1 (Hilary Simons, United Kingdom) — Spacing of live vaccines in a traveller to Ghana
  • Case 2 (David Freedman, United States of America) — Travel advice for a trip to Southern Africa


  • Case 1 (Frank Bia, United States of America) — Follow-up positive TB skin tests
  • Case 2 (Joel E. Gallant, United States of America) — Occupational exposure to HIV


  • Case 1 (Philippe Gautret, France) — Rabies post-exposure case from China
  • Case 2 (Buddha Basnyat, Nepal) — Enteric fever in a Danish expatriate to Nepal
  • Case 3 (Karin Leder, Australia) — Influenza in travellers



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Archived Cases

The ISTM has archived the following cases that were published 5 or more years ago. If updated information becomes available, the updated cases will be reposted in the year they were updated above. While some of the information in these cases may be outdated, much of the content remains pertinent and potentially useful to readers.



  • Case 1 (Eli Schwartz, Israel) — Evaluating schistosomiasis in travelers
  • Case 2 (Elizabeth D. Barnett, United States of America) — Yellow fever vaccination for Senegal
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  • Case 1 (Alan J. Magill, United States of America) — Prepare woman with hypertension for travel to altitude
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  • Case 2 (Will Cave, United Kingdom) — Preparation of a traveler for possible traveler's diarrhea
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  • Case 3 (David R. Shlim, United States of America) — Evaluating the risk of acquiring JE for a traveller to India
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  • Case 4 (Gail Rosselot, United States of America) — Quality management in the travel clinic
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