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Call for JTM Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief Position Available
Journal of Travel Medicine

The International Society of Travel Medicine is soliciting interest in the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Travel Medicine.

The current Editor’s term concludes in May of 2019, and the selection process for the new Editor has begun. The new Editor, once selected, will work with the incumbent from April of 2018 through May of 2019 and assume the position during the CISTM16.

Candidates who are considered seriously for the position by the Executive Board will eventually be expected to disclose fully any potential conflicts of interest that might impact their impartiality.

Ideal Qualifications:

  • Prolonged experience and knowledge of travel medicine, the International Society of Travel Medicine, and the Journal of Travel Medicine
  • Stature as a travel medicine researcher as demonstrated by peer-reviewed high quality publications
  • High professional stature within the field of travel medicine
  • Previous experience on editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals
  • Lack of any substantial and/or ongoing conflicts of interest with advertisers or commercial entities that might compromise an editor's ability to judge submissions impartially
  • Stature and ability to represent JTM professionally and confidently to industry partners
  • Demonstrated reputation for the highest personal ethical standards
  • Ability to be detail oriented
  • A visionary leader who will oversee the JTM Editorial Leadership Team and Editorial Board
  • Technical knowledge to oversee and negotiate with the journal publisher the updating of web-based manuscript management systems
  • Fluent in spoken English and an excellent knowledge of written English 

  • Production of 6 or more issues of JTM per year per publishers established deadlines
  • Timely decisions on submitted manuscripts
  • Maintenance of good relations with JTM authors and reviewers
  • Strong efforts to increase the JTM ISI impact factor
  • Work Closely with  of the Publisher, Editorial Leadership Team and Editorial Board to solicit and attract high quality submissions
  • Fiscal discipline to produce JTM at no net cost to ISTM

Personnel support will be provided by the Publisher, and the ISTM provides a stipend and modest travel fund for this position. Preliminary enquiries to the Chair of the ISTM JTM Editor-in-Chief Search Committee, Robert Steffen, at are encouraged.

Applicants should submit a completed Candidate Profile Form (click to download), and a complete Curriculum Vitae including all publications and experience to the ISTM Executive Director, Diane Nickolson at  Complete applications must be received no later than 20 September 2017.