Scientific Program & Schedule

The Scientific Program Committee is hard at work creating the program. Session titles and speaker information will be posted as available beginning in September of 2018.


Program at a Glance

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Session Topics

Session topics will include:

Climate Change
Antimicrobial Resistance
Arboviruses Including Yellow Fever, Zika and Dengue
Sexual Health in Travellers
Arthritogenic Viruses
Air Pollution and Travel
The Older Traveller
Japanese Encephalitis
Rabies, New PreP schedule
Immunocompromised Traveller
Female Travellers
Chilldren are Not Small Adults
Health Problems During Travel
Rickettsial Diseases
Rash Decisions: Dermatology in Travellers
Special Travellers
High Altitude Travel
Ill Returning Traveller
Psychological Health in Travellers
Military Travellers
Snake Bites
Marine Envenomation
How to Survive a Natural Disaster When Travelling

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CISTM16 Scientific Program Committee Chair Welcome Letter

Blaise Genton,
CISTM16 Scientific Program Committee Chair,

It is my pleasure to invite you to join us for the 16th Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine (CISTM16) on 5-9 June 2018 in Washington, D.C., United States of America.

'Travel Medicine in a Changing Climate' was chosen to be the theme of this conference, recognizing the impact of travel on the environment, and how we must accommodate for these changes in our everyday work as travel medicine professionals. The changes in our earth's climate not only increases forced migratory travel, but has also an impact on vector-borne diseases and air-pollution related diseases. It is the responsibility of travel medicine professionals to promote sustainable travel and ecotourism, and render our travellers sensitive to environmental issues.

The Scientific Program Committee has been hard at work developing a full and comprehensive program including environmental concerns, antimicrobial resistance, arboviruses and eHealth for the plenary sessions. Symposia and workshops will cover malaria, sexual health of travellers, vaccinations, arthritogenic viruses, rabies and air pollution as well as specialty travellers and specialty travel. Two debates are planned, one on risk perceptions of Zika and respective recommendations, and another on Japanese Encephalitis, when to vaccinate?

Two new types of sessions will take place including a game show type session in which participants have to guess the questions when provided with the answers and another where presenters will give scientific evidence countering commonly held belief(s) or practice(s) in travel medicine called "Where's the Evidence?".

We are excited about the program that is being developed, and are working to identify the most critical issues, deliver prominent speakers in new formats for the scientific sessions. I also encourage you to submit your research to the committee to be considered for oral presentations and posters, as they are always well attended and appreciated by the delegates. We have left enough free communications sessions to accommodate for high quality research to be presented to colleagues.

I hope to welcome you to the CISTM16 in Washington, D.C.!

Blaise Genton,
CISTM16 Scientific Program Committee Chair,