Educational and Professional Development Activities

The ISTM offers a number of activities and products, both as member benefits and for sale, to help enhance your travel medicine practice. These are in addition to the ISTM Meetings covered elsewhere.

TravelMed, the ISTM listserve, is a forum for discussion of individual clinical cases, patient management issues, guidelines for clinical care, and educational/training opportunities. It is an active ISTM member benefit with participation from over 3000 travel medicine professionals around the world. It has become the cornerstone of the ISTM members’ only online portal, My ISTM. In addition to offering members the opportunity to easily communicate with colleagues around the world, it also offers access to special travel medicine alerts, links to important resources, members only discussion groups, publications, educational products, and much more.

**Currently being Updated** The ISTM 158-slide PowerPoint teaching slide set, Introduction to Travel Medicine, is suitable for lecturing to both healthcare professionals and lay groups. Slides are grouped by subject area (e.g., Risk Assessment, Vaccines, Malaria, Travelers' Diarrhea, Special Needs Travelers, Post-Travel Syndromes) for easy customization. Material and teaching points are international in scope, allowing the presenter to elaborate on specific local dosing and availability issues.

ISTM established an Online Learning Program capturing individual sessions from the Travel Medicine and Review Courses as well as from the International Conferences of the ISTM and have made them available through the internet. Topics are relevant to all travel medicine practitioners, with both introductory and more advanced content. Offering both video with synchronized slides, and audio with synchronized slides, individual sessions range from 30 minutes to four hours. There are over 100 sessions currently available.

The ISTM Professional Education Committee is pleased to announce a new ISTM Member Benefit Webinar Program recently approved by the ISTM Executive Board.  These webinars will be provided at no cost to the first 150 ISTM Members who register. Member Benefit Webinars will be scheduled periodically throughout the year, watch the ISTM website for the latest information!

The ISTM Travel Medicine Review and Update Courses provide the most current and relevant information needed by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals who provide medical care and advice to travelers, expatriates, and migrants. Many attendees come every year to hear the latest information and remain current in their practices. The Course provides a thorough update and review of the Body of Knowledge for the practice of travel medicine and assists in preparation for the CTH© exam and typically presents a Mock Test during the course. Participants have ample opportunities to interact with the faculty through question and answer sessions and informal discussions. The next Course will be announced in late 2015.

ISTM also offers educational materials suitable for distribution to patients and travelers as member benefits. These include a narrative document entitled The Responsible Traveler, which is translated into a number of languages, and a two-sided bookmark with 7 Tips for the Responsible Traveler on one side, and 10 Tips for Healthy Travel on the flip side. The first 100 booksmarks will be sent to all members upon request. Additional orders will require purchase.

Another member benefit is the ISTM Educational Patient Cases (formerly Expert Opinions), a series of educational vignettes, presenting a pre-or post-travel quandary that is addressed by a leading clinician. These vignettes are often discussed in more detail within the ISTM List Serve, TravelMed.

ISTM Members can access a special directory of clinics around the world which provide Rabies Vaccines, Rabies Immune Globulin and JE Vaccines. This information is currently collected separately than the Global Travel Clinic Directory and is only available to ISTM Members.

The ISTM resource monograph "Beginning and Operating a Travelers' Health Clinic" provides information and advice to travel medicine practitioners who plan to establish or are currently operating a travel clinic. This monograph is only available to ISTM members.