International Society of Travel Medicine
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November 2016

November 2016 Issue (PDF format)


  • President's Message, Annelies Wilder-Smith, President, ISTM
  • Editor's Note, Christopher Van Tilburg, Travel Medicine News Editor
  • Secretary-Treasurer's Report, Peter A. Leggat, ISTM Secretary-Treasurer
  • Challenging Cases: Voice Your Opinion, Nancy Jenks, Mary-Louise Scully, Debra Stoner
  • Travel Talk: 911 at 35K and Champagne: Assistance in-flight and compensation, Nancy Pietroski, Travel Medicine News Associate Editor
  • Meetings
  • ISTM Member Advantage Program
  • ISTM CTH® Exam
  • Geosentinel, David Hamer, GeoSentinel Principal Investigator
  • ISTM Travel Medicine Review and Update Course
  • Research Awards, Martin Grobusch, Research Awards Committee Chair
  • TravelMed Talk: Yellow Fever Boosters Summary of Recommendations and Q&A, Nancy Pietroski, Travel Medicine News Associate Editor