International Society of Travel Medicine
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December 2016

December 2016 Issue (PDF format)


  • President's Message, Annelies Wilder-Smith, President, ISTM
  • Editor's Note, Christopher Van Tilburg, Travel Medicine News Editor
  • Secretary-Treasurer's Report, Peter A. Leggat, ISTM Secretary-Treasurer
  • News From the Secretariat, Diane Nickolson, ISTM Executive Director
  • ISTM Foundation, Bradley Connor, ISTM Foundation President
  • CISTM15 Program
  • History of the ISTM: Part One, Herbert L. DuPont and Robert Steffen
  • The First 25 Years of CISTMs
  • History of the ISTM: Part Two, Phyllis Kozarsky
  • ISTM Geosentinel, David Hamer, GeoSentinel Principal Investigator
  • Travel Medicine Review And Update Course, Elizabeth Barnett, Course Chair, Nancy Piper Jenks, Course Co-Chair
  • ISTM Certificate of Knowledge in Travel Health Examination, Pierre Landry, Examination Committee Chair
  • Journal of Travel Medicine, Erić Caumes, Charles D. Ericsson
  • History of the Journal of Travel Medicine, Charles D. Ericsson, Robert Steffen
  • Professional Groups
    • Nursing: Meet the New NPG Chair: Sue Ann McDevitt, USA
    • Pharmacists, Larry Goodyer, Pharmacists Steering Council
  • Interest Groups
    • Migrant and Refugee Health, Masatoki Adachi, Migrant and Refugee Health Interest Group Chair
    • Pediatrics, Mike Starr, Pediatrics Group Chair
    • Psychological Health Group, Michael Jones, Psychological Health Group Chair
    • Responsible Travel, Susanna Maybin, Responsible Travel Group Chair
  • 2015-2016 Research Awards, Martin Grobusch, Elizabeth Barnett
  • Travel Medicine Year in Review 2016: An Olympic Year, Nancy Pietroski
  • ISTM Slide Set, Mary-Louise Scully, Professional Education Committee Chair
  • Special Recognitions Committee, Charles D. Ericsson, Special Recognitions Committee Chair
  • Challenging Cases: Voice Your Opinion, Nancy Piper Jenks, Mary-Louise Scully, Debra Stoner
  • Leaders of the ISTM