Where's the Evidence?

CISTM16 Where's the Evidence?

Do you have examples from daily practice which — after reviewing the evidence — turns out to be wrong? Sometimes clinical practices are unreasonably regarded as finite and above criticism or review, and are not supported by evidence at all.

The CISTM16 Scientific Committee Chairs invite you to submit a systematic summary (max 1000 words) of the most relevant studies on your topic to build your case to question common held practices as described above in the clinical practice of travel medicine.

The best 4 will be selected for presentation during CISTM16 in the Where’s the Evidence? session before a panel and the audience will vote for the most convincing case. If your submission is chosen for presentation in the session, you will receive a complimentary registration for the CISTM. If your presentation is chosen as the most convincing case, you will receive a two-year ISTM membership.

Those interested in submitting a summary must complete and email the "Where's the Evidence?" Submission Form to Jodi Metzgar at ISTM no later than 18 April 2019. Please use one form for each topic submitted.

Summary of Submission Guidelines:
• Summaries can only be submitted via email to jmetzgar@ISTM.org
• List authors — Given/first name(s) and the Family/last name(s)
• Use short and concise titles
• The summary itself must contain no more than 1000 words
• It is strongly recommended to structure the text as follows: 
      o Background of the study
      o Objective(s) 
      o Method(s)
      o Summary of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusions.
      o Conclusion(s) reached (it is not satisfactory to state “The results will be discussed”).
• All specific or unusual abbreviations must be defined in parentheses after the first instance of the word for which they stand.
• Specific names of microorganisms should either be in italics or underlined (i.e. Plasmodium falciparum or Plasmodium falciparum)
• No commercial names can be used, only generic.

If you have any questions about the session, please contact Jodi Metzgar at the ISTM Secretariat.

CISTM16 "Where's the Evidence" Submission Form