JTM Awards

The Journal of Travel Medicine

Editor-in-Chief: Annelies Wilder-Smith, United Kingdom
Deputy Editor: Eli Schwartz, Israel

This year the Publications Oversight Committee is excited to engage ISTM members and let you vote on the best recent Journal of Travel Medicine (JTM) manuscripts.

Manuscripts have been sorted into four categories: Original Articles, Review Articles, Perspective Articles and Clinical Pearls. Please review the below articles and vote on your favorite in each category. Some of these articles are member only access, please do log in through the member portal here.

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Original Articles

Immunogenicity and one year boostability of a 3 dose intramuscular rabies pre exposure prophylaxis schedule in adults receiving immunosuppressive monotherapy a prospective single centre clinical trial

Should We Treat Blastocystis sp A double blind placebo controlled randomised pilot trial

Immunogenicity of a single fractional intradermal dose of Japanese encephalitis live attenuated chimeric vaccine

Doxycycline responding illnesses in returning travelers with undifferentiated non-malaria fever: a European multicenter prospective cohort study

Seroconversion and antibody persistence after yellow fever vaccination in people living with HIV impact of baseline HIV viral load and yellow fever seropositivity

Weather variables as important clinical predictors of bacterial diarrhea among international travelers

Tick borne encephalitis among U S travelers 2010 2020

Care seeking delay of imported malaria to China Implications for improving post travel healthcare for migrant workers

Long term immunity after a single yellow fever vaccination in travelers vaccinated at 60 years or older A 10 year follow up study

Tolerance and humoral immune response to the yellow fever vaccine in sickle cell disease children treated with hydroxyurea a multicentre prospective study

Review Articles

Travelling to Polluted Cities A Systematic Review on the Harm of Air Pollution on International Travellers Health (topical and will become more so with climate change) 

Non-human primate and human malaria: past, present and future

Risk of deaths due to injuries in travellers: a systematic review

Public health emergencies of international concern: a historic overview

GeoSentinel: past, present and future

Perspective Articles

Worldwide Poliomyelitis Outbreaks Should Mass Gathering Organizers be concerned

Monkeypox And Ring Vaccination During the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar A Call for Action

All my life to live: travel health benefits and risks for cancer survivors

Control of travel related COVID 19 in Bhutan

COVID 19 health passes current status and prospects for a global approach

Bacterial meningitis related to air travel who is at risk

International dental tourism in a post COVID era pre travel advice

Cybersecurity risks and recommendations for international travellers

Did Zika virus attenuation or increased virulence lead to the emergence of congenital Zika syndrome

A million dose success for Nepal insights from Nepal's national vaccine deployment plan against COVID-19

Clinical Pearls

Dengue-related maculopathy

High-flow arteriovenous fistula resulting from stingray injury

An unusual cause of hemoptysis and hoarseness due to live leech in the glottis: case report

Tumor-like breast lesions due to ectopic schistosomiasis in a European traveler 

Acute Abdomen with Hemorrhagic Shock while Cruising on a Private Sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean

Subungual hematomas after mRNA Covid 19 vaccine administration

The swollen lip: unusual presentation of furuncular myiasis in a returning traveller

Fourth imported rabies case since the eradication of rabies in Japan in 1957

Tick borne relapsing fever after travelling to a Greek island

Hydatid disease presenting as dense breast implant

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