International Society of Travel Medicine
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GeoSentinel® provides surveillance information that helps prevent travel-related illness. Travelers can serve as sentinels for events or changes in disease patterns that can impact the health and safety of travelers and local populations alike. Travelers can also be a factor in the spread of diseases in their countries of origin. Get Involved! Affiliation with GeoSentinel® can occur in on of two ways, as a GeoSentinel® Site, or in a more informal manner as a GeoSentinel® Affiliate Member.


Objectives of GeoSentinel®:

  • Maintain an international communications and data collection network of travel and tropical medicine clinics on all continents (except Antarctica).
  • Track geographic and temporal trends in infectious diseases among travelers and migrants.
  • Conduct syndromic surveillance that may herald new outbreaks or bio-terrorist events.
  • Identify emerging and novel infectious diseases among international travelers.
  • Disseminate relevant information and suggested response options for new or acutely emerging infections, including potential bio-terrorism threats to the network of GeoSentinel® clinicians and other collaborating networks.

Current activities include: