President's Invitation

Dear Colleagues,

As President of the ISTM, I get to host one CISTM meeting. The upcoming meeting in Québec, Canada is my chance to invite you to what I think will be an especially memorable meeting. For the past eighteen months, we have been doing all we can to make sure that the 2015 meeting will be one of the best we have ever had. The conference center was voted the best conference center in the world in 2006. Québec City is a delightful town, the center of which looks like a 17th century French village. The town embodies the French “joie de vivre” attitude that makes things both easy and fun.

However, a great venue would not be worth much without a great conference. Under the leadership of Leo G. Visser, of the Netherlands, and the co-chair, Christina Greenaway, from nearby Montreal, the Scientific Program Committee is putting together an up-to-date and broad-ranging program that no one will want to miss. We should remember that many of the talks at a conference like this present information that is not available in journals. They represent expert summaries of new information, or comprehensive reviews of the history of a current problem. That’s one of the main reasons it is important to make the effort to attend these meetings.

In addition, as I’ve pointed out before, the irreplaceable benefit of coming to our international travel medicine meeting is to make connections, to put faces to names on the listserv, to meet people from all over the world, to ask questions and give answers to numerous small questions that arise in conversation between sessions. This meeting represents one of our main chances to interact with colleagues. It is remarkable to think about how international our society is, and what it means to come together for the benefit of all the people who travel around the world, and face the risks of doing so.

With dozens of premier restaurants within walking distance of the venue, the chances to pursue these new and old friendships will be plentiful. I’m personally looking forward to meeting all of you at a meeting that will be scientifically valuable, and memorable on a lot of levels.

I hope that we can look forward to seeing many of you in Québec!

David R. Shlim MD
President, ISTM