Scientific Program & Schedule

The Scientific Program Committee is currently developing the program. Confirmed sessions include:

Plenary Sessions

Plenary: Monday, 25 May
Our Shrinking World: Health in the 21st Century
Measuring Global Health: The Global is Local [Change your mindset! It’s time for a reality check]
   Louis Loutan, Switzerland
Globalization of Infectious Diseases. Impact of travel on spread of infections
   Kamran Khan, Canada
Global responses to global threats: from risk assessment and surveillance to international health regulations
   Martin Cetron, United States of America

Plenary: Tuesday, 26 May
Travellers’ Diarrhea: What's New?
Human microbiome
   Reeta Satokari, Finland
Treat or not to treat/IBS/Probiotics
   Michael Libman, Canada
Antimicrobial resistance
   Erika R. Vlieghe, Belgium

Plenary: Wednesday, 27 May
Vaccinations: Challenges and Opportunities
Vaccine pipeline: from innovation to issues of shortages
   Brian Ward, Canada
Dengue: From innovation to first vaccine
    Moderator: Annelies Wilder-Smith, Singapore
Vaccine refusal: how to get around it
   Regina LaRoque, United States of America
Vaccination in immunosuppressed: does it work/is it safe/how to find out
   Camille Kotton, United States of America

Plenary: Thursday, 28 May
Malaria in the 21st Century
Malaria elimination and eradication: hopes, challenges and barriers
   Alan Magill, United States of America
Poor quality medicines and artemisinin resistance
   Paul Newton, Laos and UK
Achieving Consensus on Malaria Recommendations: Is It Possible?
   Mary E. Wilson, United States of America

The Debate and Panel Discussion

The Debate
Can Malaria Standby treatment replace chemoprophylaxis in low Risk Areas?
   Moderator: Anne McCarthy, Canada
 Pro Chemoprophylaxis
   Paul M. Arguin, United States of America
   Patricia Schlagenhauf, Switzerland
Con SBT/Pro other measures
   Perry van Genderen, The Netherlands

Panel Discussion
Tropical Diseases in travellers and migrants intrigue and confound clinicians
   Moderator:  Andrea Bogglid, Canada
   Christina M. Coyle, United States of America
   Jakob Cramer, Germany
   Marc Mendelson, South Africa


Tourism Outside of the Box
Ecotourism: Walking the walk, not just talking the talk
   Bjorn Heyerdahl, South Africa
   Shelia Hall, United Kingdom
Cross border healthcare and medical tourism
    Jill Hodges, United States of America

Reducing risks: Efforts in India; Global Rabies Epidemiology
   Jakob Zinsstag, Switzerland
Bat contact: When to vaccinate?
    Gaston De Serres, Canada
  Rationale for the Widespread Adoption of Multi-site Intradermal Rabies Vaccination
    Mary Jean Warrell, United Kingdom

Can Travel Medicine Recommendations be 'Evidence Based?
A Passing “GRADE” in travel medicine
   Gordon Guyatt, Canada
“GRADE-ing” typhoid fever vaccination
   Steven Schofield, Canada
Yellow fever immunity for ever (single shot)?
    Phillippe Duclos

Children, Teens and Young Adults on the Move
Health risks and risk perception in teenagers
   Phillip Fischer, United States of America
Young Adults - Gap Year
   Jenny VisserNew Zealand 
Long Term ExPat Children
   Mike Starr, Australia

Cruise Ship Medicine
“Health Issues On Board Cruise Ships: Epidemiology of illnesses and scope of medical services”
   Grant Tarling, United States of America
Seasickness - When should preventive medicine be discussed?
   Arthur L. Diskin, United States of America
Best Practices - Pre-Travel Recommendations for cruises
   Eilif Dahl, Norway

The Intersection of Migrant and Travel Health
What is the intersection between Migrant Health and Travel Medicine?
   Francesco Castelli, Italy
Novel Strategies to engage VFRs
   Anita Heywood, Australia
Best Practices
   William Stauffer, United States of America 

In and Out of Africa - Chik, Zik and Dengue
The Spread of Chikungunya
   Philippe Parolla, France
Dengue in new places
   Joel M. Montgomery, United States of America
   Erin Staples, United States of America

Understanding the Evolving Challenges of Malaria 
Biomarkers in Malaria
   Andrea Conroy, Canada
 Zoonotic Knowlesi Malaria
    Balbir Singh, Malaysia
Updates on Vivax; Resistance
   Nicholas Day, Thailand

Communicating Health Risks
Risk Perception: Cultural Differences
   Lorraine Noble, United Kingdom
Communication Tools and Techniques
   Beth Lown, United States of America
Impact Evaluation of Messages
   Mieke Croughs, Belgium

Providing Care and Keeping in Touch with New Technologies
   Antoine Geissbuhler, Switzerland
Decision Making for Evacuation
   Jan Von Overbeck, Switzerland 
Giving advice via email, phone, etc.
   Eric Johnson, United States of America

Spread of Respiratory Infection
Pigs, Chicks and other flus
   Paul Tambyah, Singapore 
   Ziad A. Memish, Saudi Arabia
Meningococcal: Risk and Recommendations
   Robert Charles Read, United Kingdom

International Occupational Health
Preparing for Challenging Environments
   Dipti Patel, United Kingdom
Correspondent; Hostile Environments
   Oliver Morton, United Kingdom
Debriefing and Psychological Health
   Simon Clift, United Kingdom

What's the Diagnosis?
New non-malarial rapid diagnostic tests
   Cedric Yansouni, Canada
New parasite diagnostic tests
   Lisette van Lieshout, The Netherlands
Choosing diagnostic tests for different clinical syndromes
   Jay Keystone, Canada


Top papers in travel medicine  
   Elizabeth Talbot, United States of America
   Joseph Torresi, Australia

Screening returning migrants- practical focus what to screen in travel medical setting
   Elizabeth D. Barnett, United States of America
   Rogelio Lopez-Velez, Spain

Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis (ABC)
   Natalie Gray, Australia
   Sue Kuhn, United Kingdom

Altitude (ABC)
   Prativa Pandey, Nepal
   David Shlim, United States of America

ABC medicines for self-management
   Larry Goodyer, United Kingdom
   Caroline Zeind, United States of America

In Flight Emergencies
   Anna-Maria Carvalho, Canada
   Rui Manuel Correia Pombal, Portugal

The Immunocompromised Traveler
    Cornelia Staehelin Fux, Switzerland
   David O. Freedman, United States of America

Pre-travel basics and malaria prevention (ABC)
   Anjli Acharya, Canada
   Fiona Genasi, United Kingdom

   Miguel Cabada, Peru
   Erić Caumes, France

Extreme Weather
   Christopher Van Tilburg, United States of America
    Michael Jones, United Kingdom

Travel, Sleep Deprivation, and Jet Lag 
   Lee Baker, South Africa
   Jeff Goad, United States of America

How to Get Started in Travel Medicine Research 
   Carolyn Driver, United Kingdom
   Davidson Hamer, United States of America

Children and Pregnancy (ABC)
   Sheila Mackell, United States of America
   Claire Wong, New Zealand

Running a travel clinic in new age and social media 
   Sarah Kohl, United States of America
   Deborah Mills, Australia

Destination: Oceania
    Colleen Lau, Australia
    Nick Zwar, Australia
   Peter Leggat, Australia

Destination: Ethiopia
   Nancy Piper Jenks, United States of America
   Makeda Semret, Canada

   Joannes Clerinx, Belgium
   Eli Schwartz, Israel

TB and Travel - When to Screen, What are the Risks, Who are High Risk
   Martin Grobusch, The Netherlands
   Kevin Schwartzman, Canada

Travel with Chronic Conditions
   Alfons von Gompel, Belgium
   Mary-Louise Scully, United States of America