Examination Committee


  • Chair: Pierre Landry, Switzerland
  • Co-Chair: Brian Aw, Canada
  • Heather Connor, Canada
  • Kenneth Dardick, United States of America
  • Suvash Dawadi, Nepal
  • Carlos Franco-Paredes, United States of America
  • Jeff Goad, United States of America
  • Martin Haditsch, Austria
  • Kosuke Haruki, Japan
  • Sonny Lau, Australia
  • Ula Maniewski, Belgium
  • Tullia Marcolongo, Canada
  • Elaine Rosenblatt, United States of America
  • Andrea Rossanese, Italy
  • Eli Schwartz, Israel
  • Trish Smith, Australia
  • Brian Stowe, Canada

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  • Design and administer the Certificate of Knowledge in Travel Medicine Examination at all CISTMs and Board designated locations
  • Maintain and update the ISTM Body of Knowledge every 3-5 years
  • Develop and administer the exam electronically at the earliest feasible date
  • Advise the Development Committee in attracting funding for an electronic exam

Further information in the ISTM Certificate of Knowledge Exam can be found here.