International Society of Travel Medicine
Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9.00 - 17.00 EDT (UTC-04)

Committee Members

Scientific Program Committee

  • S. Bailey, United States of America
  • R.H. Behrens, United Kingdom
  • F. Castelli, Italy
  • E. Caumes, France
  • J. Chiodini, United Kingdom
  • Saraiva da Cunha, Portugal
  • D. Freedman, United States of America
  • D. Hill, United Kingdom
  • M. Kimura, Japan
  • H. Kollaritsch, Austria
  • P. Kozarsky, United States of America
  • R. Lopez-Velez, Spain
  • S. Kuhn, Canada
  • A. Magill, United States of America
  • A. McCarthy, Canada
  • H.-D. Nothdurft, Germany
  • S. Ostroff, United States of America
  • D. Overbosch, Netherlands
  • E. Petersen, Denmark
  • D. Shlim, United States of America
  • J. Torresi, Australia
  • F. von Sonnenburg, Germany
  • A. Wilder-Smith, Singapore

Organizing Committee

  • S. da Cunha, Portugal
  • F. Antunes, Portugal
  • R. Lopez-Velez, Spain
  • A. Melico-Silvestre, Portugal
  • J. Torgal, Portugal
  • F. von Sonnenburg, Germany