Specific Tasks with ECDC


2008-2012 Partnership

EuroTravnet was selected for the award of two successive ECDC procurement contracts.

In 2008, EuroTravNet was funded by ECDC through the public tender "Travel Medicine in Europe: existing structures, functions and added-value of ECDC. Building a network to support Travel and Tropical Medicine related activities at ECDC. Public tender OJ/2008/07/08-PROC/2008/019". The framework (2008-2010) included three work packages (WP): Secretariat and information management of the network; Travel Medicine Inventory in Europe; Support to ECDC's Epidemic Intelligence and Response activities.

In July 2010, EuroTravNet received funding from ECDC through the public tender "Network to support Travel and Tropical Medicine related activities at ECDC. Public tender OJ/2010/03/16-PROC/2010/011."  The contract has been concluded for an initial period of two years, with possibility of an extension once for a period of two years (2+2).  It included three work packages (WP):

WP 1: Secretariat and information management of the network

The objectives of WP 1 were to hold a single Network secretariat responsible for the overall administration of the EuroTravNet project (including financial oversight), the maintenance of a directory of the network members and their expertise, the organisation of meetings of the Steering Committee and annual meetings of the network members, and the preparation and update of documents/deliverables for dissemination on the ECDC website, including the a monthly Science Watch.  EuroTravNet also developed and updated the inventory databases of travel medicine resources in Europe.

WP 2: Travel Risks, Precautions and Vaccination Requirements

EuroTravNet developed requested deliverables by ECDC regarding the then current situation on travel risks, precautions and vaccination requirements for travel.  The target audiences were medical professionals giving advice to travellers, as well as travellers.  Data was gathered from existing literature and other reliable official sources, and analysed in a systematic manner.  The information displayed was academically based, and yet practical and accessible to non-medically trained travellers.  This work package included two subtasks: "'Information for travellers' section for ECDC diease factsheets", and "Travel health country information for travel within EU/EFTA."

WP 3: Support to ECDC's Epidemic Intelligence and Response activities

For the entire duration of the tender, EuroTravNet members actively participated in the epidemic intelligence activities (support outbreak and cluster detection, verification and investigation) and gave advice and guidance for risk assessment and risk communication.

The activities and results of these work packages were reported in collaboration with ECDC and followed the ECDC tender terms of reference.  See the linked PDF documents below for more details about the last ECDC tender:

Invitation to Tender (511kB)   Tender Specifications (278kB)

Organization of EuroTravNet 2010-2012

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Pr. Philippe GAUTRET, Marseille
Project Director


Pr. Francesco CASTELLI,
Dr Vanessa FIELD,
Pr. Martin GROBUSCH,
Pr. Eskild PETERSEN,

Special Advisor 
(non-steering committee)
Pr. Philippe PAROLA,