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GeoSentinel Co-Investigator Leadership Opportunities



GeoSentinel® Leadership Position Descriptions

The GeoSentinel® Leadership Selection Committee is seeking exceptionally qualified candidates for two open leadership co-investigator positions:

  1. Surveillance Lead
  2. Research Lead
Both leadership positions will work with the GeoSentinel® Principal Investigator (PI) on an executive committee called the Office of the Principal Investigator (OPI). Dr. Michael Libman will continue in his role as PI until 31 August 2024. Other OPI members at this time include two CDC epidemiologists (Dr. Kristina Angelo and Dr. Grace Appiah), and the Special Advisor (Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky). The PI has and will continue to have the final responsibility for all administrative decisions, always in close collaborations and consensus with the OPI. These include the ongoing network structure, to determine selections and admission of new sites, withdrawl of sites, nominations of site directors, links with Affiliate Members, and network funding budgets and contracts. The PI will continue to chair the OPI and Leadership meetings and will be responsible for the organization and delegation of responsibilities within Leadership and the Secretariat, oversight of all committees, and ad hoc and standing. The PI will have an oversight function of all communications on behalf of the network originating within the OPI, committees and secretariat. The PI will have overall responsibility for maintaining the standards and integrity of the scientific activities of the network, and ensuring that the scientific output of the network is shared and promoted optimally for the benefit of the network, all of the network partners, and the general public.

Salary - TBD, with total amount, including all fringe benefits and indirect costs, not to exceed the amount in the approved network budget.

Summary of Requirements and Responsibilites for Surveillance and Research Leads

General Qualifications and Experience for Both Positions
  • Doctoral degree (e.g. MD, DO, MBBS, BMBS, MBChB, PhD) and documented expertise in travel and tropical medicine
  • Provision of approximately 33% effort, with the understanding that flexibility is necessary, and periods of greater commitment will be required
  • Possess strong scientific writing skills; demonstrated ability to participate, review and lead the development of written procedures, protocols, reports and manuscripts
  • Experience working in a close-knit group, demonstrate skills in diplomacy and conflict resolution
  • Experience developing academic capacity of junior staff, trainees and other network members (e.g. mentoring)
  • Experience in effective internal and external communication, including academic and operational relationships with various partners and collaborators
  • Ability to represent GeoSentinel at conferences and meetings by giving lectures and meeting with partners
  • Ability to travel to sites for purposes of site recruitment, evaluation of site activities and troubleshooting

Surveillance Lead

The Surveillance and Enhanced Surveillance Lead will be in charge of GeoSentinel® surveillance functions, including core surveillance data collection, sentinel and alarming event detection and response, and enhanced surveillance projects. In addition to the general qualifications and requirements, the chosen candidate will need to have the following additional relevant experience and will be expected to be able to perform these tasks:

Training and Experience
  • Strong background in epidemiology and surveillance
  • Experience in developing, reviewing, and revising data collection forms and protocols for surveillance data
  • Knowledge of the pricipals and methods of outbreak investigation for communicable diseases
Skills and Duties
  • Able to lead assessments of site contributions to surveillance activities
  • Organize and oversee the review of daily surveillance data to identify potential new outbreaks or other unusual or notable events, including responding to Alarming Diagnoses
  • Identify data capture problems and lead QA-QC activities, with the goal of improving data quality
  • Initiate, participate in, and maintain awareness of ongoing communications with sites regarding outbreaks and other events reported within the Network
  • Provide oversight for all surveillance analyses and ensure compliance with all procedures and regulations required for publication
  • Oversee the development of novel surveillance activities and methods

Research Lead

The Research Lead will be in charge of the new GeoSentinel® research initiative. In addition to the general qualifications and requirements, the chosen candidate will need to have the following relevant experience and will be expected to be able to perform these tasks:

Training and Experience
  • Strong background in research project planning
  • Ability to develop and review research budgets
  • Experience submitting funding proposals and IRB submissions, and have a track record of successful applications for research project funding
  • Ability to recruit and evaluate additional personnel on a temporary of permanent basis to form a research team
  • Experience implementing research infrastructure (e.g. staffing, laboratory capacity) in order to support network sites
  • Experience establishing project timelines and overseeing relevant progress and milestones
Skills and Duties
  • Assist investigators with IRB submissions/revisions and funding applications
  • Oversee initiation, mid-project, updates, and data analysis briefings with appropriate liaisons
  • Critically review research proposals and determine priorities for network research in conjunction with the OPI and Research Committee
  • Motivate participation in research projects, including supporting research project leads and recruiting support from across the network
  • Foster a network environment for encouraging and mentoring new investigators in developing GeoSentinel® projects
  • Support the production of written reports and manuscripts; participate, edit and or lead in writing as appropriate for each project.

Application Process

Please complete the application form here and send no later than 27 January 2021 to Jodi Metzgar of the ISTM Secretariate (Email: With this form candidates must also submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume. Please note each section of this form must be completed. For questions regarding the position and/or application process, please contact Michael Libman (