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How to Become a GeoSentinel Affiliate Member

ISTM members who would like to be involved in GeoSentinel and are willing to provide information about unusual diagnoses can become GeoSentinel Affiliate Members:


  • GeoSentinel Affiliate Member designation. Recognition by others as a member of a worldwide network belonging to the ISTM in partnership with the CDC. 
  • For GeoSentinel Affiliate Members in Canada or Europe, membership in the GeoSentinel Subnetworks - CanTravNet and EuroTravNet, respectively - is automatically included in GeoSentinel Affiliate Membership.
  • Accelerated acquisition of Alerts & Advisories on breaking events from GeoSentinel in advance of notification of the general ISTM membership.
  • Members-only section of the GeoSentinel Website which will include:
    • Interesting observations from other Affiliate Members.
    • Regular Network Reports on collated findings and comparison of Affiliate Member event reports with the main GeoSentinel database.
    • Results of periodic outbreak queries

GeoSentinel links ISTM members to together to facilitate rapid and global public health responses in the event of possible or established international outbreaks. Time input by individual GeoSentinel Affiliate Members is minimal but collective output and benefit are potentially great.


  • Send an informal e-mail to GeoSentinel upon encountering patients with any of the GeoSentinel alarming diagnoses.
  • Send an informal e-mail for any unusual clinical event at the Affiliate Member’s discretion.
  • Respond to brief (no more than 3 minutes) periodic e-mail queries regarding potential outbreaks or trends in travel-related infections.

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Reporting Instructions

GeoSentinel Affiliate Members are requested to contact GeoSentinel for any Alarming Diagnosis. In addition to the listed specific diagnoses, GeoSentinel is interested in hearing of anything that a Network Member thinks is unusual or worthy of comparing notes with the experience of other Affiliate Members.

Eligibility Criteria of cases to report:
Illness related to crossing an international border in any traveler or migrant.

Treatment of a patient diagnosed with an Alarming Diagnosis.  (The list of Alarming Diagnoses can be found here; send an email to

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How to Contact GeoSentinel:

The GeoSentinel Program Administration can be contacted at any time by email to