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Information on How to Become A GeoSentinel Surveillance Site


GeoSentinel® Sites participate in the surveillance and monitoring of all travel related illnesses. Participating GeoSentinel® Sites see post-travel patients and enter data on demographics, travel history and clinical information into the GeoSentinel® electronic database. These data are monitored and periodically analyzed in collaboration with the US CDC. A major goal is to track new or emerging travel-related illnesses and to rapidly disseminate and publish findings.


  • Bi-monthly E-bulletins summarizing network activities and advanced access to reports and alerts.
  • GeoSentinel® Surveillance Sites are recognized members of a worldwide network affiliated with the ISTM and the US CDC.
  • Real-time web access to collected data and reports on patients seen at your own clinic.
  • Incentive program for sites to defray data entry costs.
  • Access to network aggregate data for scholarly publication.
  • Annual meeting of GeoSentinel® Surveillance Sites.
  • Secure GeoSentinel® Sites-only web sites and documentation

GeoSentinel® allows large numbers of ISTM members to link together to help each other. Rapid and global public health responses in the face of possible or established international outbreaks will be facilitated.