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June 2012

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Contents - June 2012

  • President's Message
    • An overview of the past year showcasing the society activities
    • Reporting on the President's outreach as ISTM Ambassador
  • From the Editor
    • Highlights of ISTM activities reported
    • Late breaking news release on rabies outbreak in India
  • Secretary-Treasurer's Report
    • Call for Nominations for the 2013 ISTM Executive Board elections to take place soon
    • ISTM Executive Board and Officer elections process outlined
  • News from the Secretariat
    • ISTM's first webinar features pertinent and current advice for travel health professionals
    • Online access to Preparing Your Patients for Mass Gatherings: Euro 2012 and the London Olympics still available
  • 9th APTHC and RCISTM5 in Singapore: A Resounding Success!
  • Journal of Travel Medicine
    • The Journal Editor in Chief outlines new processes that have been put in place for reviewers, authors and the Editorial Board
    • Changes in the JTM layout and contents planned to increase its readability and scientific quality
  • CISTM13, Maastricht
    • Large number of excellent scientific proposals has led to the development of a promising program for the CISTM13
    • Call for abstracts to be distributed in a few months. Watch the ISTM website for more information
  • 2012 Research Award Winners Announced
    • Dr. Frank Mockenhaupt of Germany and Dr. Mark S. Riddle of the United States are announced as recipients of the 2012 ISTM Research Awards
  • Nursing Professional Group
    • Lani Ramsey reports on the events of the APTHC meeting.
    • Nurses asked to help with JTM Expert Reviews, goals for the second half of the year, and mentoring resources
  • Pharmacist Professional Group
    • The PPG continues in its efforts to engage pharmacists around the globe
    • Upcoming International Federation of Pharmacists Conference in the Netherlands in October announced
  • DCSIG in Singapore
    • Recap of events at the APTHC/RCISTM in Singapore provided by Irmgard Bauer
  • Pediatrics Interest Group
    • Travel information for children available in the bibliography compiled by the Pediatric Interest Group, check regularly for it is updated often
  • Travel Health Africa
    • An invitation to attend the South African Society of Travel Medicine in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2012
  • Member Profile: Francesco Castelli
    • First Executive Board member from Italy
    • Extraordinary background with a passion for his patients and for travel medicine
  • ISTM Crossword Puzzle
    • Get ready for your trip to Maastricht