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Steering Council:

  • Chair: Lee Baker, South Africa
  • Chair-Elect: Derek Evans, United Kingdom
  • Immediate Past Chair: Claudine Leuthold, Switzerland
  • Larry Goodyer, United Kingdom
  • Ian Heslop, Australia
  • Karl Hess, United States of America
  • Sheila Seed, United States of America
  • Mark Walberg, United States of America
  • Julia Walker, Canada

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Council Call for Nominations - Now Open
Are you interested in serving on the Steering Council of the PPG? If so, you have until 15 February 2019 to complete a self-nomination form to be considered for inclusion on the ballot for the upcoming election. Download the NOMINATION FORM. You must download the form in order for it to become fillable. Once completed, send to Jodi Metzgar at the ISTM Secretariat (

For details on Council structure and election process, click here.

Travel medicine is a dynamic field requiring expertise in a variety of practice specialties, from infectious diseases to political science. Millions of people travel annually from and to nearly all points of the globe. Unfortunately, travelers often do not recognize the associated health risks and thus may not seek consultation with an appropriate health professional prior to travel. In addition, there is a relative lack of travel medicine providers to serve this growing mobile population.

Pharmacists are the third largest healthcare profession and through community pharmacies have long been offering informal advice to the traveling public. In many countries, pharmacists are highly trained to provide medication therapy management, preventative health services and expert consultation. Increasingly, pharmacists are using these skills to provide pre-travel health in the community in some cases being directly involved in manning travel clinics.

The Pharmacist Professional Group (PPG) of the ISTM was created in 2009 to represent pharmacists around the world who practice in travel medicine. The mission of this group is:

To promote the role of the pharmacist in the practice of travel medicine and to serve as a resource for those pharmacists are interested or who are in the practice of travel medicine.

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Pharmacist Professional Group Charter

The mission of the Pharmacist Professional Group of the ISTM is to promote the role of the pharmacist in the practice of travel medicine and to serve as resource for those who are interested or who are in the practice of travel medicine.

The main goals of the PPG are to:

  1. Characterize the role the pharmacist plays in travel medicine globally
  2. Serve as a communication link to the ISTM Executive Board and society at large
  3. Provide opportunities for networking and information exchange among pharmacists
  4. Promote the pharmacist in the area of travel medicine among other pharmacy organizations
  5. Create literature of interest to pharmacists and other healthcare professionals
  6. Promote collaboration among pharmacists in the area of research and education
  7. Plan educational sessions for pharmacists at the CISTM meetings