ISTM Leadership

The ISTM Executive Board

The ISTM Executive Board works to promote and protect the interests of ISTM members and stakeholders to advance travel medicine internationally.

  • gerardflaherty

    Gerard Flaherty


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  • anne mccarthy

    Anne McCarthy


  • hilmir asgeirsson ecuador may 2023

    Hilmir Asgeirsson


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  • christina coyle

    Christina Coyle

    United States of America

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  • dra. francesca norman (2)

    Francesca Norman


  • nahoko

    Nahoko Sato


  • salim parkeristm pic

    Salim Parker

    Co-Op Voting Member
    South Africa

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  • mike jones 2024 mg 2246

    Michael Jones

    Secretary-Treasurer (Non-Voting)
    United Kingdom

  • whitney 112923

    Whitney Alexander

    Interim Executive Director (Non-Voting)
    United States of America

The ISTM Publication Editors

The Journal of Travel Medicine transports you to the challenging areas of your field with up-to-date research and original, peer-reviewed articles.

Travel Medicine News aims to encourage a lively, timely, and informative exchange of information between ISTM members in the form of news, views and notices.

  • annelies wilder smith 585px

    Annelies Wilder-Smith

    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Travel Medicine

  • nancy p1516306396331

    Nancy Pietroski

    Editor-in-Chief, Travel Medicine News
    United States of America

The ISTM Committee Chairs

ISTM Committees are chartered and tasked by the Executive Board following Operational Guidelines specified in the ISTM Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.

  • tm sandrag

    Alexandra Grieve

    Chair, Publications Oversight Committee
    United Kingdom

  • ericsson charles scaled 1.jpg

    Charles D. Ericsson

    Chair, Special Recognitions Committee
    United States of America

  • gail profile picture

    Gail Rosselot

    Chair, Continuing Professional Development Committee
    United States of America

  • luis furuya kanamori

    Luis Furuya Kanamori

    Chair, Research & Awards Committee

  • tm pierre landry

    Pierre Landry

    Chair, Examination Committee

  • tm robert

    Robert Steffen

    Chair, WHO Liaison

  • tm sarah mcguiness

    Sarah McGuinness

    Chair, Digital Communications Committee

  • yen bui most recent

    Yen Bui

    Chair, Professional Education Committee

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  • chen lin

    Lin Chen

    Chair, Development & Planning Committee
    United States of America

  • jenny visser

    Jenny Visser

    Jenny Visser
    New Zealand

The ISTM Professional Group Chairs

ISTM Professional Groups are self-organized groups of 50 or more non-physician members with a common professional degree (e.g. nursing, pharmacy). All healthcare professionals, including physicians with sub-specializations, are eligible to form Interest Groups.

  • catherinekeil2018

    Catherine Keil

    Chair, Nursing

  • keri hurley kim

    Keri Hurley-Kim

    Chair, Phamacist
    United States of America

  • johnbyron

    John Byron

    Chair, Primary Travel Doctor
    New Zealand

The ISTM Interest Group Chairs

ISTM Interest Groups are self-organized groups of 25 or more members with a common professional interest usually pertaining to a single sub-group of travelers or a single issue affecting large groups of travelers.

  • macconnell photo

    Maureen MacConnell

    Chair, Psychological Health of Travelers

  • natalie prevatt

    Natalie Prevatt

    Chair, Pediatrics
    United Kingdom

  • tm olivier

    Olivier Aoun

    Chair, Military Travel

  • tm sapha barkati

    Sapha Barkati

    Chair, Migrant and Refugee Health

  • andrea rosanesse

    Andrea Rossanese

    Chair, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

  • anne maclean 2021a

    Anne Maclean

    Chair, Responsible Travel
    United Kingdom

  • catherine ebelke

    Catherine Ebelke

    Co-Chair Student Travel Abroad
    United States of America

  • tm jenny sisson

    Jenny Sisson

    Chair, Travel for Work

  • julie richards photo

    Julie Richards

    Co-Chair, Student Travel Abroad
    United States of America