Fellows Of The International Society Of Travel Medicine


It was during the first Conference of International Travel Medicine in 1988 that close to 500 travel medicine professionals gathered and decided to launch the first international society focused solely on travel medicine. Established during the second Conference of International Travel Medicine in 1991 with over 900 delegates, ISTM has now grown to over 4,000 members in almost 100 countries and is the largest organization of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the specialty of travel medicine.

At the 25 year anniversary of the Society, the ISTM Executive Board established the FISTM credential to recognize individuals who advocate for and support the ISTM, and to those who demonstrate professional excellence either in the way of clinical practice, research, education, and/or policy development. An initial group of 18 Travel Medicine Professionals were bestowed the FISTM in 2016 becoming the first class of Fellows. At each CISTM a new class of Fellows are inducted.

Distinguished Fellows Of The International Society Of Travel Medicine

Jay Keystone, Canada, 2019 Distinguished Fellows Class
Charles Ericsson, United States of America, 2021 Distinguished Fellows Class
Annelies Wilder-Smith, Switzerland, 2023 Distinguished Fellows Class

  • jay keystone 2

    Jay Keystone

  • ericsson charles scaled 1.jpg

    Charles D. Ericsson

  • annelies wilder smith 585px

    Annelies Wilder-Smith

Full List of the Travel Medicine Professionals who have been bestowed the FISTM

2023 Fellows Class

  • Masatoki Adachi, Japan
  • Kristina Angelo, United States of America
  • Hilmir Asgeirsson, Sweden
  • Yen Bui, Canada
  • Pornthep Chanithavanich, Thailand
  • Johnathan Cohen, United States of America
  • Karl Hess, United States of America
  • Anu Kantele, Finland
  • Aisha Khatib, Canada
  • Mikio Kimura, Japan
  • Sarah Kohl, United States of America
  • Regina LaRocque, United States of America
  • Sheila M. Mackell, United States of America
  • Francesca F. Norman, Spain
  • Nancy Piper Jenks, United States of America
  • Whatcharapong Piyaphanee, Thailand
  • Comeliu Petru Popescu, Romania
  • Harunor Rashid, Australia
  • Mauro Saio, Kenya
  • Carsten Schade Larsen, Denmark
  • Jenny Visser, New Zealand

2021 Fellows Class

  • Rebecca Acosta, United States of America
  • Seif Salem Al-Abri, Oman
  • Olivier Aoun, France
  • Nicholas John Beeching, United Kingdom
  • Jim Bond, United Kingdom
  • Heather Connor, Canada
  • Peter A.M. de Beer, The Netherlands
  • Derek Evans, United Kingdom
  • Christina Greenaway, Canada
  • Michael Jones, United Kingdom
  • Kevin Kain, Canada
  • Thomas Küpper, Germany
  • Ted Lankester, United Kingdom
  • Colleen Lau, Australia
  • Rogelio López-Vélez, Spain
  • Assunta Marcolongo, Canada
  • Deborah Mills, Australia
  • Dipti Patel, United Kingdom
  • Mike Starr, Australia

2019 Fellows Class

  • Francesco Castelli, Italy
  • Santanu Chatterjee, India
  • Vanessa Field, United Kingdom
  • Alexandra Grieve, United Kingdom
  • Martin Grobusch, The Netherlands
  • Martin Haditsch, Austria
  • Stefan Hagmann, United States of American
  • George Kassianos, United Kingdom
  • Pierre Landry, Switzerland
  • Karin Leder, Australia
  • Sue Ann McDevitt, United States of America
  • Hans Dieter Nothdurft, Germany
  • Eskild Petersen, Oman
  • Mark Riddle, United States of America
  • Eli Schwartz, Israel
  • Marc Shaw, New Zealand
  • Hilary Simons, United Kingdom
  • Joseph Torresi, Australia
  • Claire Wong, New Zealand
  • Rudolf Zimmer, Canada

2017 Fellows Class

  • Paul Arguin, United States of America
  • Elizabeth Barnett, United States of America
  • Irmgard Bauer, Australia
  • Lin Chen, United States of America
  • Jane Chiodini, United Kingdom
  • Kenneth Dardick, United States of America
  • Richard Dawood, United Kingdom
  • Gerard Flaherty, Ireland
  • Jeffery Goad, United States of America
  • Larry Goodyer, United Kingdom
  • Davidson Hamer, United States of America
  • Anne McCarthy, Canada
  • Karl Neumann, United States of America
  • Androula Pavli, Greece
  • Andrea Rossanese, Italy
  • Gail Rosselot, United States of America
  • Patricia Schlagenhauf-Lawlor, Switzerland
  • Craig Stark, United States of America
  • Dominique Tessier, Canada
  • Mary Wilson, United States of America

2016 Fellows Class

  • Eric Caumes, France
  • Bradley Connor, United States of America
  • Herbert DuPont, United States of America
  • Charles Ericsson, United States of America
  • David Freedman, United States of America
  • Fiona Genasi, United Kingdom
  • Jay Keystone, Canada
  • Phyllis Kozarsky, United States of America
  • Peter Leggat, Australia
  • Hans Lobel, United States of America [Posthumously]
  • Louis Loutan, Switzerland
  • Alan Magill, United States of America [Posthumously]
  • Prativa Pandey, Nepal
  • Michel Rey, France
  • David Shlim, United States of America
  • Robert Steffen, Switzerland
  • Frank von Sonnenburg, Germany
  • Annelies Wilder-Smith, Switzerland


  • Betsy Wade, United States of America

Fellows Program Details

Commensurate with the maturation of our society, the ISTM has established an advanced recognition program to honor those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of travel medicine, to those who advocate for and support the ISTM, and to those who demonstrate professional excellence either in the way of clinical practice, research, education, and/or policy development.

Every two years during the CISTMs, the ISTM will bestow a life-long ISTM Fellows credential to those professionals who meet the majority of the criteria identified below. The program will be administered by the ISTM Special Recognitions Committee (SRC)

An initial group of ISTM Fellows were grandfathered into the program in 2016. This group included the current and past ISTM Presidents, the current and past ISTM Secretary-Treasurers, and the current and past ISTM Journal Editors. The initial group and first class of Fellows were inducted during the CISTM15 in May of 2017.

Applications for Fellow status should focus on the requisite criteria which will be reviewed with vigor by the ISTM SRC. Successful candidates must demonstrate outstanding contributions to the International Society of Travel Medicine and the field of travel medicine. Application, including satisfying all requisite criteria, is not a prima facie guarantee of approval of Fellow status by the SRC and the ISTM Executive Board.

ISTM members in good standing may self-apply for Fellow status, or a current Fellow can provide the complete application on behalf of a member. Candidates applying to be accepted will be required to submit a completed application form, an up-to-date, full-length curriculum vitae, and at least three letters of support from others in the field of travel medicine. At least one of the three letters of support must be provided by a current ISTM Fellow. Please note that current members of the SRC cannot provide letters of support for Fellow applications. This includes Charles Ericsson, Prativa Pandey, Fiona Genasi, Phyllis Kozarsky and Louis Loutan.

The ISTM SRC will review all applications, and make recommendations to the ISTM Executive Board for the final candidates to be accepted into the program. Once a candidate has been accepted, s(he) is entitled to specific benefits and recognition outlined below for as long as s(he) maintains an active ISTM membership. Applicants who are denied advancement to Fellow status may appeal directly to the Executive Board via the Executive Director, Whitney A. Mathews Alexander. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply as often as they wish.

ISTM Fellows are recognized leaders in the field of travel medicine and in the ISTM. As such, ISTM Fellow candidates must have maintained membership in the ISTM for a minimum of 5 years and usually will have participated actively in leadership positions in the society.  Candidates with 5-10 years of membership will be considered for accelerated advancement to Fellow status, which will require an exceptionally strong record of accomplishments.   In addition to the membership criterion, a candidate must also have achieved and maintained their ISTM CTH or an equivalent certification, and achieved at least 2 of the subsequent 3 criteria to be considered:

  1. Has demonstrated advocacy for the practice of travel medicine nationally, regionally and/or internationally;
  2. Has participated in travel medicine educational programs, including those of ISTM and other regional or national travel medicine or related professional societies;
  3. Has fulfilled criteria on one or more of the following tracks:

               i. Clinical: has practiced travel medicine for no fewer than 10 years
               ii. Researcher: has contributed to the literature in a substantive and 
                   meaningful way
               iii. Policy: has contributed to the development of travel health guidelines
                   and recommendations nationally and/or internationally and contributed
                   to efforts at dissemination of policy changes

Fulfillment and verification of each criterion must be adequately documented in the application, curriculum vitae or letters of support.

ISTM Fellows will be acknowledged during the biennial CISTM where they will receive a certificate suitable for framing that acknowledges this life-long status and a lapel pin.

ISTM Fellows will be entitled to use the credential, Fellow of the ISTM (FISTM). They will be recognized regularly in ISTM publications, on the ISTM website, in the Global Travel Medicine Clinic Directory, and at the ISTM Conferences (CISTMs) with a special ribbon for their badge and acknowledgement in the program materials.

Prior to each CISTM, a call for Fellow Nominations will be distributed to all current ISTM Fellows and ISTM Members in good standing along with access to the application form and program description. The application process will require proof that the candidate has met the requisite criteria. The application deadline will be 10 to 12 months prior to the CISTM. The ISTM Special Recognitions Committee will review the applications, and submit its recommendation to the ISTM Executive Board. The Executive Board will approve the recommendation 6-8 months before the CISTM, and candidates will be notified immediately.

At least 5 months prior to the CISTM, invitations will be sent to all current Fellows and the accepted candidates. The invitations will include a list of the candidates who will be inducted during the CISTM.