• johnbyron

    John Byron

    Chair, Primary Travel Doctor
    New Zealand

  • stacey ler

    Stacy Ler

    Co-Chair, Primary Travel Doctor

Steering Council

  • Treasurer (Purser): Parmjit Sohal (Canada)
  • Secretary (Communications): Deb Mills (Australia)
  • Social Media (Activities Director): Aisha Husain (Canada)
  • Continuity (Navigator): Rudy Zimmer (Canada) – Founder
  • Research (Science Officer): Jenny Visser (New Zealand)


The mission of the Primary Travel Doctor Professional Group of the ISTM is to focus on the needs of various types of travel health providers. The Primary Travel Doctor group will support practice in primary travel medicine among community-based physicians.


The professional group represents pharmacists within the ISTM and provides a home for community-based physicians within the larger organization. The goals of the Pharmacist professional group are to:

  1. Research and knowledge translation
  2. Networking, peer support and outreach
  3. Professional Development specific to the unique style of primary travel medicine practice, characterized by a continuum of care from pre-travel clinical prevention to post-travel medical care