• anne maclean 2021a

    Anne Maclean

    Chair, Responsible Travel
    United Kingdom

Steering Council

  • Immediate Past Chair: Aisha Khatib, Canada
  • Trish Smith, Australia
  • Joanne Grey, Australia
  • Tullia Marcolongo, Canada
  • Caroline Nash, Australia

Special Interest Areas

  • Ethics in Tourism: Jim Bond, Irmgard Bauer
  • Sex Tourism: Irmgard Bauer
  • Voluntourism: Irmgard Bauer
  • Health Voluntourism: Susanna Maybin, Irmgard Bauer

Special Advisers:

  • Dr. Nikolic Nebojsa – Maritime Medicine
  • Dr. Michael Muehlenbein – Ecotourism, One Health


A primary focus of our group is on raising awareness of destination community issues and encouraging networking among interested members at ISTM Regional Meeting and International Congresses.

If you have suggestions regarding any aspect below or new ideas for the Responsible Travel Group to consider, please direct your comments to the current Chair. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Promoting ethical travel medicine practice
  • Raising awareness about the impacts on local communities and the environment
    • Voluntourism
    • Health voluntourism
    • Cruise ship voluntourism
    • Expeditions
    • Tribal tourism
    • Sex tourism
    • Elephant-back tours

Please email your ideas, comments and suggestions to Trish Smith. Group members are invited to get in touch via the Responsible Group discussion forum.

Information & Resources