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Research Awards

Research Awards

Each year, the ISTM, with support from GeoSentinel Foundation and donations to the society, offers a peer reviewed process, to help develop interest and skills in research in travel medicine. Grants are awarded to cutting-edge applications, especially to newer investigators and investigators from lower income countries. Awardees may apply to other agencies for more substantive research grants following successful pilot studies funded through the ISTM awards.


GeoSentinel Alerts

GeoSentinel  is an international network of clinics and healthcare providers dedicated to monitoring infectious diseases and other travel-related health issues among international travelers and migrants. GeoSentinel alerts allow communication of crucial outbreak information.

journal of travel medicine

Journal of Travel Medicine

The Journal of Travel Medicine (JTM) has become the premier, peer-reviewed journal on the leading edge of research, policy, expert analysis, clinical practice in the field of travel medicine and at the interchange with many disciplines.

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ISTM Travel Medicine News

Travel Medicine News is a vibrant, informal, informative exchange between our members and leadership  in the form of news, views and notices.  The publication is available to all and offers a window into society activities and the interdisciplinary, international community of members.