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    Jenny Visser

    Jenny Visser
    New Zealand

Steering Council

  • Derek Evans
  • Hilmir Asgeirsson
  • Max Winkler
  • Alfonso Javier Rodriguez-Morales
  • Nahoko Sato


The ISTM Membership Committee (MC) has responsibility for advising on strategies and programs to help retain and increase the membership of the ISTM. The Membership Committee (MC) is chartered and tasked by the Executive Board (EB) following the Operational Guidelines specified in the ISTM Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.


  • Periodically advise on ISTM membership categories, benefits, and subscription fees. This will include development of novel membership categories such as layperson and non-governmental organization members.
  • Advise on strategies to retain current members including enhanced member benefits, member engagement, and mentorship.
  • Devise strategies to grow professional membership, specifically among under-represented groups including members from low- and middle-income countries and student members.
  • Perform occasional member marketing research to identify unmet member needs.

Structure of Committee:



Members x 5-7

ISTM Secretariat support x1

The committee membership should ensure wide and inclusive representation, both professionally and geographically.

Initial membership will not include a member of the public, although this may be included at a later stage as non-health professional membership categories are established.

This committee should strive for gender balance and include, insofar as is practicably feasible, representation from:

  • Each of the main geographic regions
  • Each professional group
  • A student or trainee representative

The Chair will be appointed for a 4-year term (with possible renewal to a maximum of two terms). Other members will be appointed for 2-year terms (with possible renewal to a maximum of two terms).

The committee via the Chair can make recommendations to the EB regarding changes to the make up of the committee including temporarily co-opted members.