Who We Are

ISTM Community

ISTM has over 4,000 members from almost 100 countries. Members include physicians, nursing professionals, pharmacists, public health officials, other health professionals as well as others working in the travel and travel related industries.

Decision making is by seven voting members of the ISTM Executive Board: President, Past-President, President-Elect and four Counsellors. Elections are held every two years with a staggering of terms. All ISTM members are eligible to vote. Counsellors serve four year terms and Presidents for a total of six years (two as President-Elect, two as President and two as Past-President). No more than three voting members may be from the same continent at the same time. Committee Chairs and Chairs of Professional and Interest Groups attend Board meetings in an Advisory Capacity as needed.

ISTM strives to promote the field of travel medicine through the dissemination of information, providing ample networking opportunities to travel medicine health professionals, developing educational programs and products, facilitating international contacts, and fostering research in travel medicine.

Watch ISTM leaders share the history of travel medicine and ISTM, how their membership has been meaningful to their career including educational benefits, professional collaboration, and connecting with an international community of travel medicine professionals.