Chair & Co-Chair

  • tm robert

    Robert Steffen

    Chair, WHO Liaison

  • phyllis k photo

    Phyllis Kozarsky

    Co-Chair: US CDC Liaison
    United States of America

Steering Council

  • APTHS Liaison: Jenny Visser, New Zealand
  • China’s Travel Medicine Community Liaison: Colleen Lau, Australia
  • Industry Liaison: Lin Chen, United States of America
  • NECTM Liaison: Gerard Flaherty, Ireland
  • SASTM and PATMF Liaison: Salim Parker, South Africa
  • SLAMVI – South America Travel Medicine Community Liaison: Miguel Cabada, United States of America and Peru
  • US ACIP Liaison: Elizabeth Barnett, United States of America

The Liaison Committee was created in 2009 to coordinate the relations of the ISTM with other organisations, such as the World Health Organization, the Asia Pacific Travel Health Society, European Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Experienced individuals will be invited to become the focal points for these contacts.


  • Designate a single ISTM focal point for contact with major national and supranational travel medicine organisations (e.g., WHO, CDC, ECDC, NaTHNaC, GeoSentinel®, EuroTravNet, National Societies).
  • For each liaison designate a minimum number of contacts with that organisation per year.
  • Track and report to the Executive Board on contacts and initiatives in a timely manner.