Alan Magill

Alan Magill Memorial Lecture

To honor the legacy of Alan Magill an honorary lecture in his name was proposed by the Special Recognitions Committee (SRC) and approved by the ISTM Executive Board to be given at the biennial conferences beginning with the CISTM15 in 2017.

Alan Magill was an outstanding malaria expert, but his impact was felt far beyond his area of special expertise. All who knew him were impressed by his broad vision for the development of travel medicine, his scientific rigor, his compassion and very effective leadership skills. You can find more information about Alan Magill and his impact on the travel medicine community here.

To best honor Alan Magill the lectures given in his name will be targeted to the cutting edge scientific underpinnings of any topic in, or closely related to, travel medicine or global health. The goal is to broaden the expertise of established travel medicine researchers and/or practitioners and to choose speakers with impeccable credentials, who might not otherwise attend CISTM or be available to speak at our conference without the incentive of a named lectureship. The lecture content will be enlightening and appeal foremost to established experts in travel medicine.

The SRC works in conjunction with the CISTM Scientific Program Committee to identity the first Alan Magill Memorial Lecture for each conference.

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