Scientific Program & Schedule

The CISTM17 Theme is The Changing Face of Travel Medicine: Anticipating its Global Impact

ISTM heard overwhelming feedback from attendees about the exemplary and content rich Scientific Program. The Secretariat is thrilled to now offer recordings  of the entire Scientific Program to the public! Each presentation is listed alphabetically below with additional information and details including speakers, overview, etc on the Program Scheduler. Access these videos on our Learning Management System, now!  

CISTM17 Online Program Scheduler


Adapting Travel Clinic Practice in the Time of COVID
Adventurous Spirits: Perspectives on the Young Adult Traveller
Alan Magill Memorial Lecture: Pathogenesis of Cerebral Malaria: Lessons Learned at the Bedside
Asia Pacific COVID Impact
Baby On Board
Boundless Limits of Age and Travel
Cases of the Day
U.S. Centers for Disease Control CDC Travellers' Health Update Symposium
Clinical Toxinology and Travel Medicine: a Jumanji Perspective
Controversies in Pediatric Medicine
COVID-19 Vaccines: Hesitancy, Ethics and Controversies
Crown of Thorns - COVID-19 Across International Borders
Deep Dive: Clinical Conundra in Febrile Returning Travellers
Deep Dive: Eosinophilia in the Returned Traveller and Migrants
Deep Dive: Schistosomiasis - a Disease of Many Faces Dengue
Developing a Valid and Feasible Research Question in Travel
Expedition and Wilderness Interest Group Pre-Course Workshop
Extreme Travel
Free Communications - Risk Estimates & Advice
Free Communications - Tropical & Travel Medicine and Migrant Free Communications – Vaccines Free Communications - Vaccines & Travellers' Diarrhea
Fundamentals: The Big Beasts: A Systematic Approach to Prevention of Malaria and Travellers' Diarrhea
Fundamentals: Chronic Illnesses
Getting a Head-Start on Travel-Related Neurological Syndromes
Global Health Security in an Interconnected World
Hot Topics in Tropical Diseases in SE Asia
Medical Care Abroad: Planned & Unplanned
Mind the Gap: Applying New Diagnostic Tools for Old Travel-Related Infections
Neglected Tropical Diseases - the Crossroads of Tropical and Migrant Medicine
Not Only Skin-Deep: Skin Manifestations of Travel-Related Diseases
OneHealth is "OurHealth"
One Vision: Looking Toward the Future Role of Technology in Travel Medicine
Parasites Under Pressure: Novel Approaches to Malaria Prevention and Management
Pooped Out: Bowels on the Move
Roundtable: The Future of Air Travel
Roundtable: Nurses Beyond 2020: the Role of Nursing in Travel Health
Separate Ways - Refugee & Migrant Medicine
States of Mind: Mental Health Issues Facing Travellers Sponsored by IAMAT
Late Breaker Symposium: Fresh Off the Press Advances in Travel Medicine
The Challenging Immunocompromised Traveller
The Great Pretender: Other Clinical Faces of COVID-19
The Madness and the Rage - Rabies in the Modern Era
The Scourge of COVID-19 on Travel Medicine
Top Literature Picks
Vaccination Pearls and Pitfalls
Visa-Free Passengers- Multidrug Resistant Organisms in Travellers
We're Jammin' - Mass Gatherings
Yellow Fever

List of Posters