Responsible Travel

Council Members

Chair: Trish Smith, Australia

Trish SmithBio Coming.

Immediate Past Chair:Jim Bond, Scotland, United Kingdom

Jim Bond Jim was born and brought up in Zambia and is still very much an African at heart. He initially studied Medicine at Newcastle upon Tyne, completing a broad, practical postgraduate medical training in the UK and South Africa. He has worked in a number of African countries and Madagascar, both as a rural hospital practitioner and public health doctor. After returning to Scotland in 1998, he has worked in HIV palliative care, infectious diseases, public health and occupational medicine. He has practised clinical travel medicine since 1999.

Jim’s passion for plants and ethnobotany (the traditional knowledge and use of plants by local peoples) enabled him to work closely with traditional healers in Madagascar, South Africa and Mozambique, collaborating to address local priorities such as TB diagnosis and treatment supervision, HIV prevention and community-led antiretroviral therapy, and developing communications and appropriate ambulance services for obstetric emergencies.

Throughout his life, Jim has been privileged to explore some of the more remote and less known corners and waterways of Africa, Madagascar and South America, more often than not by canoe or on foot. First formally trained in expedition medicine in 1995, he has since led and/or acted as expedition doctor to a number of research, adventure and artwork expeditions, all with a strong focus on community participation.

Jim currently practises as a consultant in Travel & Expedition Medicine at an independent, specialist travel clinic in Edinburgh, and as an occupational health physician at a private hospital in the same city. He is a Fellow of the Faculty of Travel Medicine in Glasgow, where he is also teaches and is an examiner for the Membership Diploma course.

His long-term career interests include doing more community-led rabies and schistosomiasis (bilharzia) elimination work in Africa and Madagascar.

Joanne Grey, Australia

PlaceholderBio coming soon.

Tullia Marcolongo, Canada

Tullia MarcolongoTullia Marcolongo is the Executive Director of IAMAT – International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers. With a focus on responsible travel, Tullia helps travellers plan a healthy trip. She has published guides on travel and mental health, travel health insurance, how to stay well abroad, and navigating medical care in another country. Tullia is the Chair of the Psychological Health of Travellers interest group of the International Society of Travel Medicine and a member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. She holds a Certificate in Travel Health®.

Caroline Nash, Australia

Caroline NashCaroline Nash(Australia) is a Clinical Manager for Aspen Medical, an Australian-owned global provider of healthcare solutions. She has postgraduate qualifications in Public Health, Tropical Medicine, Infection Prevention and Control, Travel Medicine and Immunisation practice. Caroline has undertaken a number of overseas deployments to the Pacific region and to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak. She has studied tropical medicine internationally and has a special interest in Rabies, having co-authored a Rabies awareness brochure for travellers.

Caroline is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine (FACTM) and a Fellow of the Faculty of Travel Medicine (FFTM). Caroline is passionate about educating travellers and health professionals about all aspects of travel medicine. Caroline was elected on to the steering committee of the ISTM Nurses Professional Group (NPG) in 2016. Her aim as a member of the leadership council is to strengthen the network of nurses within the NPG and ISTM and to welcome new members to the group. She would also like to provide support to nurses that are new to the field of Travel Medicine..

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The Responsible Travel Interest Group Charter

  • The Responsible Travel Interest Group (formerly the Destinations CommunitiesS  upport Group) has responsibility for identifying and raising awareness among the Travel Health profession of social, environmental, cultural andhealth issues caused by travel and tourism within destination communities.
  • The RTG aims to encourage and conduct research and develop strategies to protect local destination communities from the negative impacts of tourism
  •  The RTG will work with other ISTM committees and groups in areas of mutual interest especially membership, research, health of migrants and refugees,the travel industry and public education committees
  •  The RTG also seeks to promote the development of Travel Medicine and theISTM in countries traditionally considered host countries

If you have suggestions regarding any aspect below or new ideas for the Responsible Travel Group to consider, please direct your comments to the current Chair. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Special Interest Areas

Ethics in Tourism: Jim Bond, Irmgard Bauer
Sex Tourism: Irmgard Bauer
Voluntourism: Sheila Hall, Irmgard Bauer
Health Voluntourism: Rhonda Martin, Susanna Maybin, Irmgard Bauer

Special Advisers:

Dr. Nikolic Nebojsa – Maritime Medicine
Dr. Michael Muehlenbein – Ecotourism, One Health

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Recent and Current Activities

A primary focus of our group is on raising awareness of destination community issues and encouraging networking among interested members at ISTM Regional Meeting and International Congresses.

Recent Responsible Travel related presentations and workshops given by group members at regional and international conferences have focused on voluntourism, and sex and romance tourism. An interactive workshop about ethical dilemmas on expeditions and safaris is currently being planned for the SASTM conference in September 2016.

Members of the group can interact through the group discussion forum and we are looking at ways to promote this. We are also working on a list of references to add to the group page library for those members interested in learning more about Responsible Travel related subjects.

Following the success of the Responsible Travel stand at the ISTM International Conference in Quebec in May 2015 where members were able to meet with Responsible Travel council members and discuss effects and challenges of travel and tourism for host communities, we plan to repeat the stand at future conferences.

Participation in the ISTM charities donation programme.

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Past Activities

Presentations and workshops at regional and international Travel Medicine conferences including a pre-conference course at CISTM13. Topics have included sex tourism, exploited hosts, voluntourism, impact of tourism on developing countries, ecotourism and medical tourism.

Exhibition highlighting the condition of porters in Nepal at CISTM7.

Initiative securing sponsorship to sponsor eight health care professionals from destination countries to attend CISTM7 and CISTM9.

Member Survey 2011 to enable the council to move forward on projects to serve group members.

ISTM bookmark with 7 tips for the Responsible Traveller.

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Information Sheets

Group newsletters, minutes of meeting and information references relating to responsible travel can be found in the library section of the group member page.

**These references have been recommended by group members.  They do not necessarily represent the full picture of the topic under discussion and should therefore serve only as a starting point for those who wish to learn more about issues relating to responsible travel.  Responsible Travel Council February 2017.**

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We would like to hear from you. Please email your ideas, comments and suggestions to Trish Smith. Group members are invited to get in touch via the Responsible Group discussion forum.