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ISTM celebrates our Global Healthcare family's dedication, bravery, empathy and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Special thanks to Yo-Yo Ma for a beautiful piece of music. We are grateful to filmmaker Chris Newberry, poetry by Dr. Beth Lown, poetry reading by Katie McMahon, and all the collaborators who made this project possible.

COVID-19 Information

ISTM Leadership realizes that many in the travel medicine community are already infected with the COVID-19 virus and others are quarantined. We want to assure you of our concern and empathy and ask that you keep us informed, if you are able to do so, about the way that this huge epidemic is impacting you, your clinical practice and your colleagues. We understand that for many in our community, in addition to advising travelers they are also diagnosing and managing COVID-19 cases at their respective institutions and some are fighting explosive outbreaks. We want to express our support for our dedicated colleagues; we are all in this together.

The ISTM Leadership believes that we can all continue to learn from and support one-another during this critical outbreak, and pledges to continue to provdie information and resources to the travel medicine community.

PANDEMIC Course - Prevention AND Emergency Management In COVID-19: an Online Course on Prevention, Clinical Aspects and Management of COVID-19

ISTM is excited to offer this self-guided course as a joint project of the Professional Education Committee (PEC). Hosted on SelfStudy's Precision Educational Platform, the free PANDEMIC course offers a comprehensive review of the world's medical literature on COVID-19. 

How is ISTM providing COVID-19 Member and Travel Medicine Community Support? 

  • Participate in a COVID Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Study: The University of Minnesota has launched a clinical trial to see if the common medication hydroxychloroquine can prevent COVID-19 in those exposed to the virus and are actively recruiting research volunteers: 1) Healthcare workers or household contacts with known exposure to someone with COVID-19 within the last 4 days and who are currently asymptomatic, OR 2) Pople who are symptomatic with confirmed PCR+ COVID019 diagnosis within the first 4 days of symptoms starting, OR 3) Healthcare workers or household contacts with compatible symptoms with exposure to know PCR+ COVID-19 case within 14 days AND compatible symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath and no available testing or pending test for the individual. Participants from United States of America are eligible to enroll and will receive study medicine shipped overnight. For more information on how to enroll please send an email here.

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