Publications Oversight Committee

Current Members

  • Chair: Alexandra Grieve, United Kingdom
  • Journal of Travel Medicine Editor: Annelies Wilder-Smith, Switzerland
  • Travel Medicine News Editor: Nancy Pietroski, United States of America
  • Charles Ericsson, United States of America
  • Luis Furuya Kanamori, Australia
  • Caroline Nash, Australia
  • Jakrapun Pupaibool, United States of America
  • Rudy Zimmer, Canada


  • Oversee content of multimedia ISTM newsletters, websites, discussion forums, conference apps, social media output, and any other publications bearing the ISTM logo, or issued in the name of ISTM
  • Liaise closely with the Chair of the Digital Communications Committee on matters of shared jurisdiction
  • Hear appeals of decisions made by ISTM editors and forum administrators
  • Evaluate applications and make recommendations for appointment of ISTM editors
  • Committee Chair to liaise with all ISTM Journal Editors-in-Chief and Publishers on publishing ethics, strategies and policies
  • Participate in performance reviews of all ISTM Journal Editors-in-Chief
  • Coordinate the selection of the biennial Journal article awards to be announced at the CISTM conference