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CISTM19 Theme: “Expanding the Horizons of Travel Medicine”

11-15 May, 2025

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America

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Welcome to the CISTM19

CISTM19 Organization

The ISTM greatly appreciates the contributions of time and expertise provided by the following people to the 19th Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine.

CISTM19: Expanding the Horizons of Travel Medicine

Scientific Program Committee

Chair: Eric Caumes, France

Co-Chair: Colleen Lau, Australia

Associate Chair: Kristina Angelo, United States of America

Associate Chair: Miguel Cabada, United States of America and Peru

Associate Chair: Watcharapong Piyaphanee, Thailand

CISTM19 Local Organizing Committee

  • Susan McLellan, United States of America (Chair)
  • James Diaz, United States of America (Co-Chair)
  • Charlie Ericsson, United States of America
  • Dahlene Fusco, United States of America
  • Obi Nnedu, United States of America
  • John Schieffelin, United States of America
  • Margarita (Maggie) Silio, United States of America
  • Crystal Zheng, United States of America
  • Phyllis Kozarsky,  United States of America
  • Jeffrey Percak, United States of America
  • Nicholas Van Sickels, United Kingdom

CISTM19 Oversight Committee Members

  • Gerard Flaherty, Ireland (Chair)
  • Anne McCarthy, Canada
  • Michael Jones, United Kingdom
  • Whitney Alexander, United States of America
  • Jaclyn Simon, United States of America (ex officio)
  • Sheena Vollmer, United States of America (ex officio)

SPC Committee Members

  • Alfonso  Rodriguez Morales, Colombia
  • Androula Pavli, Greece
  • Bhawana Amatya, Nepal
  • Carsten Schade-Larsen, Denmark
  • Candace McAlester, United States
  • Charles Tarimo, Tanzania
  • Claire Wong, New Zealand
  • David Hamer, United States
  • Deborah Mills, Austraila
  • Derek Evans, United Kingdom
  • Eric Halsey, United States
  • Eyal Leshem, Israel
  • Francesca Norman, Spain
  • Jan Fehr, Switzerland
  • Jasper Chan, Hong Kong
  • Jorge Baruch Diaz, Mexico
  • Karin Leder, Austraila
  • Luis Furuya-Kanamori, Austraila
  • Made Wijaya, Indonesia
  • Marc Shaw, New Zeland
  • Martin  Haditsch, Austria
  • Melinda Tanabe , United States
  • Naomi Aronson, United States
  • Olivier Aoun, France
  • Oula Itani, France
  • Peter Felkai, Hungary
  • Ralph Huits, The Netherlands
  • Richard Dawood, United Kingdom
  • Sophie Schneitler, Germany
  • Stefan Hagmann, United States
  • Stephen Vaughan, Canada
  • Sue Ann McDevitt, United States
  • Terezinha Marta Castineiras, Brazil
  • Vanessa Field, United Kingdom
  • Yen Bui, Canada