International Society of Travel Medicine
Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9.00 - 17.00 EDT (UTC-04)


Mission Statement

The International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) promotes healthy, safe and responsible travel of all people crossing international borders. In cooperation with health care providers, academic centers, travel industry and media, ISTM advocates education, service, surveillance and research in travel medicine. ISTM is focused on illness and injury prevention, diagnostics, and therapeutics, with attention given to the understanding, impact and modification of environmental, behavioural, or host factors on travellers, migrants, and refugees.

ISTM's specific goals are to:

  • promote travel health
  • develop guidelines for travel medicine practice
  • educate health care professionals, public health professionals, and the travel industry
  • provide a scientific focus for travel medicine
  • stimulate the professional advancement of travel medicine practice
  • promote distribution of rapid information exchange related to travel medicine issues
  • facilitate international contacts between practitioners of travel medicine
  • promote development and evaluation of safe, effective, preventive and curative interventions
  • foster research in travel medicine, including the promotion of international collaborative studies

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ISTM Vision Statement

The ISTM is a vibrant and inclusive international society committed to ongoing and sustained contributions to the advancement of the practice and science of travel medicine globally.

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2019-2021 ISTM Presidential Goals

Building communities, not walls

  • To adopt Sustainable Development Goals that are most relevant to tourism/travel.
  • To nurture emerging economies in assessing their resources and needs and develop travel medicine to suit their framework.
  • To continue to integrate migration health into travel medicine.
  • To promote the growth of infrastructure to meet today's ISTM needs.

Lin Chen
ISTM President