2022-2023 Election information

ISTM Elections and the Nomination Process

  • Download nomination form in PDF format: Click Here

Nominations for two ISTM Counselor positions have been received and are currently being reviewed by the ISTM Nominating Committee.  Each Counselor position is for four years.

The ISTM President position is a two-year term and a six year comittment. The president serves as President-elect for two years preceding his/her term and then for two years after the term as Past-President (for a total of six years).

A Nominating Committee, in accordance with criteria set out in our bylaws, has been formed by the Executive Board. Members may propose themselves or propose other members for nomination by filling out a simple form, which may be downloaded via the links above. The deadline for submitting the Presidential Form has been extended until 17.00 Eastern US time, 16 November 2022.

Any ISTM member in good standing is eligible for nomination; however, it is desirable for the candidate to have the following qualifications:

  • Prior service on ISTM committees or ISTM sponsored initiatives
  • Publication of travel medicine-related clinical or research articles in the Journal of Travel Medicine, other journals or books
  • Contributions to the biennial CISTM conference
  • Leadership experience working with national or international professional societies or groups
  • Professional experience in the field of travel medicine

For each open position, the Nominating Committee will carefully review all the completed nomination forms submitted and will, by a majority vote, select the names of nominees most suitable to appear on the ballot in accordance with the bylaws of the ISTM. A potential ballot candidate without a completed form will not be considered. Ballots, with the names of nominees for each open position, will go out to all members in January 2023. Election results will be announced at the CISTM18 membership assembly in May 2023, in Basel, Switzerland. To maintain true diversity in an international society like ISTM, our by-laws mandate that geographic considerations be taken into account. The Society bylaws state that no more than three of the seven elected members of the Society shall reside on the same continent. As such, none of the incoming candidates for Counselor or President may reside on the European Continent. The following paragraphs pertaining to the election process are quoted from the bylaws to explain this process in greater detail:

Article 8.2 The Executive Board shall be composed of the following seven voting positions: the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, and four Counselors. Only the seven voting directors on the Executive Board may make and second motions at a Board meeting. To the extent practical, the Executive Board also shall invite to its meetings as non-voting participants any other Officer, standing committee chairperson, and publication editors, along with such other guests as the Executive Board deems appropriate. The following conditions apply to the Executive Board members:

  • a. No more than three of the seven Executive Board members may be from one continent.
  • b. No two consecutive Presidents or President-Elects may be from the same continent at the time of election.
  • c. At least one Executive Board member shall be a nurse.
  • d. No person may be elected to the office of President or President-Elect more than once.
  • e. Counselors cannot be immediately re-elected to a Counselor position but may run for office again after a two-year break in service.

By unanimous votes each of the previous Executive Boards has reiterated that all elections are guided but not bound by the following considerations:

  1. The President-elect should be elected from a different continent than the current President-elect.
  2. One of the counselors should be a nurse counselor who should be elected from a continent other than the continent of the outgoing nurse counselor.

Please note that your nominations should be guided by the interpretation of Article 8.2 and the geographic composition of the Executive Board in 2023 at the time of election (see below).

Gerard Flaherty, M.D., Ph.D.
ISTM President-Elect
Chair, Nominating Committee


Geographic Composition of the Executive Board in 2023
At the Time of Election
Past-President Peter Leggat Australia
President Gerard Flaherty Europe
President-Elect To be elected Should be non-European
Counselor Hilmir Asgeirsson Europe
Counselor Francesca Norman Europe
Nurse Counselor To be elected Should be non-European, non-American
Counselor To be elected Should be non-European

Nominating Committee Members:

  1. Gerard Flaherty, (Ireland), President-elect, Committee Chair
  2. Rebecca Acosta (United States of America), outgoing counselor
  3. Jenny Visser (New Zealand) outgoing counselor
  4. Yen Bui (Canada)
  5. Leo Visser (the Netherlands)
  6. Albi de Frey (South Africa)
  7. Alexandra Grieve (United Kingdom)
  8. Sarah Kohl (United States of America)
  9. Eyal Leshem (Israel)