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EACCME® has granted CME accreditation for up to 20 European CME Hours of this event.

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Plenary Sessions

Monday, 15 May
Human Migration:  Challenges and Opportunities

Migration, Human Mobility and Health: A Global Agenda
Davide Mosca, Switzerland

Screening Migrants at Europe's Forefront: Evidence, Feasibility and Acceptability
Teymur Noori, Sweden

What do Migrants Bring to the Host Country
Cecile Kyenge, Italy


Tuesday, 16 May
Public Health Emergencies and Global Security

Public Health Emergencies of International Concern
   Helen Rees, South Africa
Disease Surveillance and Mapping:  From Big Data to Informal Networks

Global Health Security: Preparedness and Response: Can We Do Better and Stay Safe?
 Martin Cetron, Unites States of America


Wednesday, 17 May
Antimicrobial Resistance:  Home and Away

Global Overview of Antimicrobial Resistance
Jordi Vila, Spain

Role of Travellers in the Spread of Resistant Organisms
Mary Wilson, United States of America

International Responses to Antimicrobial Resistance and Implications for Travellers
Marc Mendelson, South Africa


Thursday, 18 May
Zika: from PHEIC to the Long Haul

Virology, Epidemiology, Entomology
   Amadou Sall, Senegal
Clinical Manifestations:  Congenital Zika Syndrome
   Demócrito de Barros Miranda Filho, Brasil
Public Health and Travel Medicine Implications, Vaccinations
   Susan Hills, United States of America

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Alan Magill Memorial Lecture
Wednesday 17.15 - 18.15

Alan Magill Memorial Lecture
Sir Richard Feachem, United Kingdom

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Panel Discussions

Travellers Diarrhea:  Consensus and Controversy
   Moderator: Mark Riddle, United States of America
   Bradley Connor, United States of America
   Anu Kantele, Finland
   Prativa Pandey, Nepal

Refugee Crisis in Europe: What is the Situation?
   Moderator: Rogelio Lopez-Velez, Spain
   Androula Pavli, Greece
   Davide Mosca, Switzerland
   Alberto Matteelli, Italy
   Louis Loutan, Switzerland
  Susanne Pruskil, Germany

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Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite: Assessing and Reducing Vector-Borne Disease Risk For Travellers
Mosquitos - Distribution, Behavior, Competence
   Steven Schofield, Canada
Sandflies, Ticks, Tsetse Flies, Reduvid
   Anthony Kiszewski, United States of America
Personal Protection
   Larry Goodyer, United Kingdom

Clinical and Diagnostic Challenges of Arboviruses
Diagnosing and Differentiating Arboviruses
   Ingrid Rabe, United States of America
Clinical Management of Arthogenic Viruses Including Chikungunya
   Fabrice Simon, France
Neurotropic Virus- JE, West Nile, Zika, Dengue
   Einar Wilder-Smith, Switzerland

What is New in Vaccines?
Vaccines for GI Pathogens
   Edward Ryan, United States of America
Dengue Vaccines
   Anna Durbin, United States of America
Accessing and Choosing Vaccines Not Available in High Income Countries:  JE Vaccine
   Brian Ward, Canada

Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Guidelines - Can We Agree?  Moving Towards Consensus
Global Epidemiology and Imported Malaria
   Christoph Hatz, Switzerland
Developing Evidence-Based Malaria Guidelines
   Anne McCarthy, Canada
From Guidelines to Real Life: Making it Work for Practitioners and Patients
   Ivan Solà, Spain

Malaria:  the Diagnostic and Treatment Toolbox
Pathogenesis, Defining and Predicting Severe Malaria (Immune and Non Immune)
   Kevin Kain, Canada
What's New in Malaria Prevention and Management?
Malaria Treatment Guidelines
   Martin Grobusch, Netherlands

Our Dangerous World: the impact on Climate Change, Air Pollution and Natural Disasters on Travel Health
Climate Change and Infectious Disease Threats to Travellers
   Jan Semenza, Sweden
Air Pollution, Heat and Humidity: Health Risks and Advice for Travellers
   Alistair Woodward, New Zealand
Extreme Event: Global Picture (Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Flooding, Drought)
   Kirsten Johnson, Canada

Travelling On and Beyond the Edge
   Peter Bärtsch, Switzerland
Space Travel
   Gerard Flaherty, Ireland
Extreme Temperatures (Cold and Heat)
   Gordon Giesbrecht, Canada

Keeping Immunosuppressed Travellers Healthy
Pre Travel Vaccines/Malaria Prophylaxis- Splenectomy
   Helena Askling, Sweden
Self-Rx and Accessing Care during Travel
   David Freedman, United States of America
Disease Risks Related to Immunosuppression
   Leo Visser, Netherlands

Special Travellers I:  Seniors, Students, and for Sex and Sport
Traveling for Sports
   Travis Heggie, United States of America
Traveling for Study and Field Work
   Fiona Genasi, Scotland
Traveling for Sex
   Jay Keystone, Canada
Travel for Seniors
   Irmgard Bauer, Australia

Outbreaks Due to Bats, Birds, and Camels
Ebola: Managing Post Outbreak, and Chronic Complications
   Daniel Bausch, Switzerland
MERS-CoV: What's the Story with Camels?
   Marjorie Pollack, United States of America
Avian Influenza: Current Status and Pandemic Potential
   Albert Osterhaus, Netherlands

New Tropical Medicine Guidelines
   Michael Libman, Canada
   Christina Coyle, United States of America
   Zeno Bisoffi, Italy
   José A. Pérez Molina, Spain

Yellow Fever: Man Monkey Mosquito Vaccine
Yellow Fever: The Recurring Plague
   Oyewali Tomori, Nigeria
Man Monkeying with Yellow Fever Vaccine
   Annelies Wilder – Smith, Singapore
The Vaccine Wall: WHO Recommendations on Lifelong Protection and ICVP
   Dipti Patel, United Kingdom

Special Travellers II: Women, Groups, and Expats
Female Travellers - Does Travel Medicine Need a Venus Spin?
   Patricia Schlagenhauf, Switzerland
Youth Traveling to Mass Gatherings
   Susan Kuhn, Canada
Expat and Long-Term Traveller
   David Hamer, United States of America

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Hot Off the Press:  Literature That Changes Travel Medicine Practice
   Eric Caumes, France
  Elizabeth Barnett, United States of America

Travel Medicine - the Inside Story
   Eli Schwartz, Israel
   Blaise Genton, Switzerland

Addressing Travel-Related Psychological and Cultural Stresses
   Peter de Beer, Netherlands
   Fiona Dunkley, United Kingdom

Mountain Travel and Trekking: Into Thin Air
   Jenny Visser, New Zealand
   Ken Zafren, United States of America

Risky Exotic Exposures: Food, Animals, and Environments to Avoid
   Pricilla Rupali, India
   Camillia Rothe, Germany

Rabies:  Pre- and Post-Exposure
   Philippe Gautret, France
   David Shlim, United States of America

Baby On Board: Travelling For Two
   Sarah Borwein, Hong Kong
   Sheila Mackell, United States of America

Managing the Ill Returned Traveller
   Valerie d’Acremont, Switzerland
   Andrea Boggild, Canada

Kids on the Move
   Mike Starr, Australia
   Philip Fischer, United States of America

Interactions and Polypharmacy: Managing Medications During Travel
   Lee Baker, South Africa
   Jeff Goad, United States of America

The VFR and Migrant Traveller
   William Stauffer, United States of America
   Anita Heywood, Australia

   Santanu Chatterjee, India
   Tony Gherardin, Australia

Destination- Southeast Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia)​
   Dvorka Lukas, Croatia
   Pavlos Sarafis, Cyprus

Nuts and Bolts of Vaccines (ABC)
   Maria Mileno, United States of America 
   Colleen Lau, Australia

Malaria Prevention (ABC)
   Guido Calleri, Italy
   Patrick Hickey, United States of America

Risk Communication and Pre-Travel Preparation (ABC)
   Jane Chiodini, United Kingdom
   Beth Lown, United States of America

Technology for Non-Techies:
How to Modernize Your Travel Medicine Practice Without Losing Your Mind

   Deborah Mills, Australia
   Sarah Kohl, United States of America

Fit for Travel?  Trip Prep for Elderly Travellers and Those with Chronic Medical Conditions
   Mary Louise Scully, United States of America
   Joe Torresi, Australia

Travel Medicine Practice:  Perspectives from Different Continents
   Alexandra Grieve, United Kingdom
   Claire Wong, New Zealand
   Nancy Piper Jenks, United States of America